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I enjoyed that. Some excellent creepy moments particularly towards the end, though I would suggest you focus on the atmospheric spookiness with the family rather than resorting to too many jumpscares.  The dinner scene alone was far better than the two jumpscares for scare factor. I agree with Neco, the optimisation may need a little work as I'm quite sure my PC should be capable of running this too. Nice job so far, I'm interested in seeing what you do with it.


*Rurr* Hello everyone! I tried out and am making a 2-part series on the demo to play it all out, input/review also inside amongst the commentary. My main gripe is just the lack of optimization, especially since I have a brand new smackin' AMD 480 running and it still was having trouble, going Low/Med/High doesn't change the stuttering - etc.


Really enjoyed the game it was very creepy cant wait for the release good job


Hello everyone my name is Slester, so i played the game and i can say that it is a solid horror game. So here is my gameplay enjoy it!